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25 W output power @ 13.8V DC
Current consumption @13.8V, 25W : 3.6A typ.
Efficiency: > 50%
Frequency range for nominal power: 1270-1300 MHz
Input drive: 1.6W typ.
LNA gain: 10dB typ
LNA Noise Figure: 0.8dB typ.
LNA band pass filter bandwidth : 1230-1310 MHz typ.

Low noise figure , GaAs HEMT input stage
Internal Tx/Rx switch
Internal Directional Coupler
PTT can be switched by connecting PTT to ground, by RF power (RF VOX )
Output SWR indicator - bi color LED
Optimal input power indicator - bi color LED

What you need to use PA on 1296 MHz :
1. You must connect the output of your transverter to the input of 1296 MHz PA, named "RX/TX IN" with a coaxial cable. The PA needs about 1.5W input power,
    so with our transverter you can use a cable with max. 3-4 dB losses.
2. You must connect the output of 1296 MHz PA - SMA connector with marking "Ant" to your 1296 MHz antenna.
3. 12-13.8 V Power Supply must be connected to the power jack. At nominal output power 25W , current consumption is in the range 3.1-3.3A
4. PTT connection - if you prefer to use hard PTT , then you must connect 3.5mm jack as in the transverter , both PTT jacks must be connected in parallel.
There is an RF VOX in the PA, like in the transverter. For FM you can use RF VOX , in this case PTT can be left open. For SSB is better to use hard PTT , or RF VOX with increased hold time.
On-board Jumper 1 can change for RF VOX hold time: OFF- VOX hold time is low, ON - VOX hold time is high - about 0.5 sec.
5. Input drive setting: you must apply RF power and rotate the trimmer named "TX" in the TRANSVERTER , until LED marked as "LED IN" in PA lights up in green.
    Depending of cable losses, the Input LED in transverter can lights in Green or in Orange.
If you drive with 23cm transceiver , you must increase it's output power , until LED lights up in green. Orange means low input power, Red means overdrive.
The LED, marked as "LED OUT" will show output SWR , green means SWR < 1.5 , Red means SWR>3 , there are also 3 intermediate levels of orange for SWR ranges 1.5-2.0 , 2.0-2.5 , 2.5-3.0 .
There is an option for Fan interface - if an additional cooling is needed, you can connect a 12V fan to 2-pin on-board connector. The fan will be switched ON always when TX is switched ON,
    but if the temperature of output transistor is >50degC, the fan will work until the temperature decreases to <45 deg C


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